Be Well Hot Tubs

Be Well Fiji Hot Tub
Finance from: 98.39 pcm
Be Well Fiji Compact Hot Tub
Finance from: £96.20 pcm
Be Well Fiji Social Hot Tub
Finance from: £120.28 pcm
Be Well Fiji Elite Hot Tub
Finance from: £142.17 pcm
Be Well Vancouver E680 Hot Tub
Finance from: £240.67 pcm
Be Well Winnipeg E585 Hot Tub
Finance from: £240.67 pcm

Swim Spa FAQs

For those seriously wanting to practice all strokes of swimming within the privacy of your own home yes; keep in mind that they are a workout wonder and relaxing centre all in one. If you only want to chill out, then a spa hot tub from us also offers great value.

You can stay in as long as you like! In practice as with any exercise regime, it is best to slowly build up with the length of swimming sessions and perhaps time yourself.

Yes, absolutely you can swim with a wide range of settings available to suit the stroke and style as you need it. A strong and competent swimmer can practice at their chosen level and further hone your skills, but likewise a beginner can gain confidence from lower pump speeds.

We say that users need to keep the water clean and cheat with chemicals, it is best to change the water every 6 months or sooner in our view.

It is a really great experience. Carefully designed to be variable and adaptable to your desired stroke of swimming complete with performance trainings aids if desired, giving Michael Phelps a run for his money .

Yes, you can practice any stroke that you wish. From smaller children to the strongest swimmer in your household and from relaxing to a very challenging workout.

We suggest that you drain the swim spa’s water every 6 months or so.

Yes, you can float in a swim spa. You might be at the end of a long day and just need the relaxation of floating; from this idyllic state to doggy paddle or very strenuous front crawl, just as you require.

OEM 4 - Sterling Silver

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