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32amp Hot Tubs

The hot tubs in our 32amp hot tub range are not only big, but they also have a much higher performance. To get multiple high-power jets and heating at the same time, large hot tubs in this range like the California model need a 32-amp power supply, which is larger than a standard household socket can provide. Although we do not offer electrical installation, we can coordinate every detail of the installation of your new hot tub. As a guide, your electrician could charge in the region of £350 to fit a 32amp supply, read more in our 32A electrical installation requirements.

Hawaii 1 Lounger Hot Tub
Finance from: £65.56 pcm
Hawaii 2 Lounger Hot Tub
Finance from: £65.56 pcm
Milan 1 Lounger Hot Tub (32 Amp)
Finance from: £69.94 pcm
Toronto 2 Lounger Hot Tub
Finance from: £80.88 pcm
Toronto 1 Lounger Hot Tub
Finance from: £80.88 pcm
Nevada Hot Tub
Finance from: £61.18 pcm
California Hot Tub
Finance from: £85.26 pcm
Monaco 2 Lounger Hot Tub
Finance from: £98.39 pcm
Monaco 1 Lounger Hot Tub
Finance from: £146.55 pcm

Hot Tub FAQs

We have a very wide range of hot tubs, and it is probably best to contact us for a discussion, and we can guide you from our experience on what works best. The Milan 1 Lounger hot tub is great for narrow pathways.

On certain models, yes certainly. Please visit our showroom in Chesterfield. We always advise contacting us beforehand though as we swap over models regularly.

Yes, our finance option is very popular, and this spreads out payments into manageable amounts subject to status.

No, it is not. Several models only need a 13 Amp supply (View plug and Play Hot Tub Range), although a 32 Amp model can run 2 pumps for the jets at once and a heater, which is beneficial (View 32 Amp Range).

Yes, we do. You can order replacement parts such as Bluetooth speakers, extra cleaning and hygiene chemicals and water filters from us (even for hot tub spas we did not supply). View the range. 

Our tubs can have jets for various functions including massage or hydrotherapy, please discuss with us upon ordering so we can deliver real relaxation for you.

Apart from price difference, a swim spa allows you to practice all different swimming strokes in far less space than a swimming pool, it is more for exercise but can still be for relaxing as a hot tub is. A swim spa is a bit like a treadmill is for running.

You need to keep the water clean and treat it with chemicals such as our Aqua Excellent All-In-One Kit. We recommend the water is changed entirely every 3 months or sooner and the spa is serviced at least once every year. This means you keep in line with our warranty too.

No, once your spa is set up, we supply insulated covers and long-lasting composite steps. Maintenance is minimal, the tub’s filter cycles take care of water treatment and cleaning, leaving you more time to relax in your hot tub or swim spa.

To most people, a hot tub is the same as a spa – with warm water jets providing a relaxing and therapeutic experience. Other names for hot tubs include Jacuzzi, sauna or whirlpool bath. Swim spas, however, are different, as they include special pumps to create a flow that you can swim against.