EcoFlow Air Source Heat Pump

EcoFlow Air Source Heat Pump


Finance this heat pump for as little as £29.45 per month*

Introducing the EcoFlow Air Source Heat Pump. This efficient heating machine is expertly engineered to enhance the performance of your hot tub, providing you with superior warmth and comfort.

Harnessing the energy potential of the R32 refrigerant, the EcoFlow heat pump delivers consistent heat generation to help warm your hot tub to the perfect temperature, facilitating a soothing and revitalising experience.

The backbone of this heat pump is its hard-wearing Titanium heat exchanger. With its exceptional resistance to corrosion, it guarantees durable performance, even in the toughest conditions. As such, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your heat pump will endure with minimal maintenance needs.

How does it work?

An air source heat pump will draw air from the atmosphere and use it to heat up the water from your hot tub or swim spa more efficiently (in terms of energy consumption).

(*based on 3kW price with 10% deposit and over 5 years at 11.9% APR)

OEM 4 - Sterling Silver

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